Silver Service

Topics: Finger, Cutlery, Table setting Pages: 4 (1320 words) Published: September 12, 2008
Chaper8 Silver service

1 what is silver service?
-Style of catering where the food is delivered to the table on a platter held by the waiter and served to the customer’s plate using a folk and spoon . 2 Which side of the guest do you stand for silver service?

-Left of the guest
3 what are the limitations of using the thread method of holding the service gear? -Each different items need to be served by different service gear required. 4 How do you pick up small items of food?

-To remove your index finger in wedge method.
5 What sort of things are served with two fish knives instead of the usual service gear? -Soft or large items requiring more support than can be given by a service spoon and fork. 6 In which direction should the gear be moving as you pick up food from the service plate? -The service gear is moving towards you.

7 How would you plan the presentation of the food on the plate? -we need to consider the other items to be served .ex) separating two different color item for visual balance 8 How and when are sauces served in silver service?

-It should not be carried on the same serving dish as the food . They are offered and served separately using as sauce-boat and a serving spoon. A spoon is used to serve them and serve the sauce from the left of the guest. 9 Where are other accompaniments placed?

-They are placed to the left of the main item.

Chapter9 Clearing Table

1 How can you tell when all the guests have finished a course? -Guest usually indicate that by placing their cutlery together on plate or we can ask them. 2 Describe the two-plate clearing technique.

-1) At the back right hand corner pick up the plate with your right hand.2) Transfer the plate to your left hand, holding it between the thumb n index finger. Use the knife to move the scrap items to the front of the plate3) place the knife under the handle of the folk 4) Moving around the table pick up second used plate n its cutlery 5) Transfer the second plate to your...
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