Silong Tanglaw - Case Study

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History of Silong Tanglaw
On October 25, 1989, the Silong Tanglaw Foundation was registered as a nonstock nonprofit corporation at the Securities and Exchange Commission through the efforts of Mrs. Felicidad Viray, a retired regional director of the internal revenue, and Father Sonny G. Ramirez, OP. A two-storey building to house the Silong Tanglaw Center was constructed on the1250 square meters of prime land on Gregorio Araneta Avenue corner Kaliraya street in Quezon City. The land was donated was Mrs. Rosario Jacinto’s donation for socio-civic projects in commemoration of the death of Rose, her son’s wife, due to cancer.

The Foundation aims to provide holistically guided (tanglaw) shelter (silong) for Metro Manila’s streetchildren by providing them with shelter and other basic needs and imparting to them basic education as well as religious instruction and training.

Silong Tanglaw Objectives
The Vision-Mission of Silong Tanglaw is:
Inspired by God's love, the Silong-Tanglaw Foundation Center, Inc. aims to be a shelter for underprivileged children, where they can experience the loving care and guidance of a Christian community, and develop universal values to help them become productive, responsible, and self-reliant members of society. MISSION

To promote the holistic well-being of underprivileged children by providing them with shelter and by helping them develop their spiritual and human values, knowledge, skills and attitudes to prepare them for reintegration with their family and the larger community.

The foundation aims to form and uplift the life of street children through various programs and social services in order to bring about a renewed and rehabilitated youth worthy to be called children of God. Their target beneficiaries include the orphaned, neglected, abandoned, emotionally and physically abused children. Silong Tanglaw Needs

The needs of the Silong Tanglaw Center were as follows:
Funding for the continuing support of all programs and services ○Volunteer Services
Background of the Case
Silong Tanglaw Foundation, since its conception in 1989 have been successfully attaining its objectives of providing shelter and education to street children. The strong support of professionals and socio-civic religious leaders made it possible for the foundation to build a two-storey building to shelter street children in 1992. The aim was not only to provide shelter but also to give education, training and value formation for the underprivileged children. In 2004, the foundation’s mission was strengthened even more when Mr. Philip Juico, who was always fascinated by the charitable works of St. John Baptist de la Salle, who was then the appointed dean of DLSPS GSB and reelected chairman of Silong Tanglaw Foundation, decided to make use of the resources of GSB Center for Social Responsibility for Human Development (GSB CSRHD). He believed that through this, he will be able to follow the mission of St. John Baptist de la Salle as educator for the young and the poor.

GSB CSRHD was established by Dean Juico in 2003. It aims to be a resource center for the formation of academic professionals and entrepreneurs who were committed to total human development as the socially responsible path to corporate success. The center advocates social responsibility and total human development by mobilizing the Graduate School of Business (GSB) community in facilitating the development of self-reliant, sustainable and productive partner communities and in disseminating industry practices and researches in business ethics and corporate citizenship among business leaders and academics. With the help of Ms. Mabel Gaite, the needs of Silong Tanglaw were further addressed because of the increase in number of volunteers from CSRHD and active solicitation to raise funds for the foundation.

The programs of the foundation are...
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