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  • Published : June 1, 2013
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Polymers are made up of large molecules that are chemically formed by thousands of molecules called "monomers." Polymers are amorphous solids- meaning they have no definite shape and they can take form of different volumes. Borax is another ingredient to make a polymer. Adding borax to the glue mixture, the molecules that go through the polymer chain, link together, forming a gooey slime. The polymer link is not very strong, so it can stretch and bend. I predicted that adding more borax in the polymer will reduce its stretchiness beacause the boron will stiffen the polymer. I predicted that the polymer with more borax will not stretch as far. My collected data supported my hypothesis.

Observations: Before the borax was added there was only a watery glue mixture. After the borax was mixed it created a solid with a putty like consistency. After small amount of time the putty began to clump together around the stirring rod like cotton candy.

Tests: Tests were performed testing the boundaries of the putty. 1) Pull the polymer apart slowly, what happens? (slow pull test) When we pulled it apart, the polymer stretched slowly. Upon reaching a certain length the putty could simply not handle the pressure and so it snapped easily in two.

2) Pull the polymer apart quickly, what happens? (quick pull test) The putty snapped easily in half.

3) Slowly poke through the polymer with your finger, what happens? (slow poke test) The putty was easily pierced and the finger was slowly engulfed by the putty. Upon removal of the finger a small indent was left in the polymer.

4) Quickly poke through the polymer with your finger, what happens? (quick poke test) A deeper indent was left in the putty. The putty was easily pierced.

5) Place the polymer onto the table and time how long it takes to flatten out. (blob test) The putty easily kept it's shape. It never truly flattened itself out but the sunk towards the table in a time of 2:06.

6) Hold the polymer about 30cm...
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