Silko's Yellow Woman and a Beauty of the Spirit

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  • Published : October 8, 2011
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In Yellow woman and a beauty of the spirit written by Leslie Marmon Silko the traditional Pueblo culture human values were distinguished by one's actions, character, strength, care and relation to other people, animals, nature. For Pueblo people looks, physical appearance, face, body and closing were not important as well they did not have a social status in their community. In her essay, Silko repeats old-time phrase in reference to the values of her ancestors. Growing up she was told stories about Mother Creator, Spider Woman, Yellow woman who represented feminine as well as masculine beauty for all women of color and race. Beauty of a person was projected through her health, mind, soul, heart and harmony with herself and the surrounding world. Old-time people were not judgmental even if pregnancy occurred before marriage. Every new life was celebrated and each considered being precious and unique. Husband and wife could have sex partners outside of their marriage and that was neither a taboo nor inappropriate. They believed in reincarnation of the soul and every human being a mix of a male and female. Therefore, man could marry a man just as woman could marry a woman and they had equal rights. As a child, Silko was thought to be loving and respectful to nature, vegetation, animals, insects and any kind of life. Old-time people would refuse to kill a fly even hunting was introduces as an allowance by dear or buffalo people to save humans from hunger and starvation. In modern world, humans looked at as a certain race, color, physical appearance, social status, wealth etc. Now a day if someone gets a cosmetic surgery to obtain "beautiful" face or body, they no longer try to hide it nor shy to discuss it. On the other hand, Pueblo culture celebrated the differences in physical appended and even comparing one to another considered silly. In Pueblo culture, being unique was considered as blessing. Growing up Silko had experienced old-time cultural values and saw...
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