Silicon Valley

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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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Pirates of silicon Valley is a story of the growth of the computer Industry. The movie was based in a historical fact, did alter things a little bit of dramatic reasons. The movie begins of IBM during the 1980's, the big brother in the computer world that everyone else feared. One of the two characters in the movie is Steve Jobs along with his friend delight in working computers. They eventually form their own company. Apple Computers are begin making computers. At the Apple Steve Jobs was invited to see the graphical user interface which has been developed by the xerox. Xerox was the one developed the mouse and standard interface styles but the company thought that it was a silly idea and agreed to let Apple look at everything they had. Apple naturally stole everything they could.

And on the other side of the story, a creator of the Microsoft was Bill Gates, he formed a company Microsoft that made software such as operating system. During the one meeting with IBM, Bill Gates sells IBM on the idea of using Microsoft word the new operating system. Over at the Microsoft, Bill Gates fear Apple's expensive growth and travels to Apple headquarters to talk of an alliance.Bill Weasels his way into heart of Steve Jobs, Apples founder and has access to a new Apple machines. After reverse engineering and modification, Windows is born. Apple discover during the speech touting Apples new advertisement campaign for the Macintosh. Bill Gates yells at Steve Jobs for the first time. The great rivalry between the Windows, and Mac was Born.
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