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lobalization and outsourcing are the important elements of any business in any country. Both globalisation and outsourcing banks much on immigration for its success. But recently the immigration row is heating up in the U.S and European Union. To resolve this dispute in U.S, following the European Union strategy by U.S may not hold good and should rightly align with the U.S economical growth. For instance, recent President Obama’s battle to block a controversial new immigration law aimed at driving more than 400,000 undocumented workers out of the state of Arizona is raising difference of opinion in the state. It is said that nearly half the U.S. population wants immigration to slow down. But will the slow down really help U.S? The answer is the state should know to separate wheat from the chaff. The U.S is home to about 1.6 million Indian origin people, making them the third-largest immigrant group in the country after Mexicans and Filipino. Compared to other immigrant groups, the Indian foreign born are much better educated -- nearly three-quarters of Indian-born adults have a bachelor's degree or higher. Now Indians adds to the credits innovating and playing a great role in the U.S. in all fields, whether it be business or research. For instance, recent Gururaj Daeshpande’s appointment as the Co-Chairman of U.S. President Barack Obama’s National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Gunjan Sinha, SiliconIndia Chairman and the Executive Chairman of Metricstream representing the Board of U.S India Endowment for Science and Technology is a recent testimony to the fact the contribution of Indian origin people cannot be ignored. It is one of the idiosyncracies of the neo-liberal New World Order that while there is a free trade in finances, goods, and services, the policy on immigration is still not matching the trade policies. While slamming the door shut in the face of many desperate economic refugees is fine, it should not be at the cost of devastating the most educated, most skilled workers from the same countries, many of whom have played a crucial role in the economical...
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