Silent Role Play

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Role playing stimulates the active participation of all participants in a training course. When playing a role, a person can practice certain situations, without the fear of making mistakes. Role playing can also be used to present certain types of information in a visual way. This exercise is an introduction to role playing. It stimulates the fantasy of the participants as they have to express themselves without speaking. Objectives

1. To stimulate fantasy and creativity of the participants Duration
* Depending on the purpose, 10 – 30 minutes
* Small pieces of paper

1. The facilitator prepares before this exercise a number of papers with tasks. 2. Ask one of the participants to start and show him/her one of the papers. 3. Without speaking, this person will now have to play the role which was given. 4. The other participants try to guess what was written on the paper. 5. The first person who guesses the right answer will be the next one to play a role. If more persons answer at the same time, the role player will decide who’s next. 6. Start the exercise with some easy tasks, and gradually give more difficult ones. 7. Examples of tasks:

– Swim 
– Frog 
– Dead 
– Ride a bicycle 
– Butterfly 
– Fish 
– Dog 
– Sleeping 
– Transplanting rice 
– Farmer 
– Harvesting rice 


1. To raise awareness about the importance of considering the perceptions and opinions of other people.

5-10 minutes – Newsprint paper
– Marker

1. Draw a large square on a sheet of newsprint and divide it into smaller squares as shown here:

2. Ask the participants to count the total number of squares. Write down the various answers on the newsprint

3. The answers are likely to differ because some people will overlook some squares. The correct answer is 35.

Some guidelines for discussion
1. Why do...
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