Silent Ears, Silent Heart

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  • Published : October 16, 2012
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Silent Ears, Silent Heart

I thought that Silent Ears, Silent Heart was an excellent book. It really gave you a full prospective of what a family and a person has to go through living a life without being able to hear sound it also helps you realize what someone has to go through that can’t hear what is going on around them. The book starts off with a couple named the Clines there’s Mr. Cline who is Jack who runs his own multimillion dollar business in a glass production. His dream is to have his son at his side and follow in his footsteps and run the family business someday. Then there’s Mrs. Cline who is Margret who is a stay at home wife that is waiting the arrival of their child. The book starts off with them being a typical couple awaiting the arrival of their first new born child, going back and forth to the hospital thinking that it’s time for the arrival of their son. When the day finally arrives the Clines have a healthy baby boy named Christopher. The only thing that they don’t know and won’t know for the next two years is that their son is not going to be able to hear anything; this is because Christopher was born permanently deaf. They find out latter on that he has lost the neurosensory witch is lost in the inner ear. Which ended up being because his mother was exposed to the German measles which his mother got from a baby earlier when she was carrying, which left Christopher with no chance of hearing at all. The way his mother found out, that Christopher was deaf was, one day she was getting ready for a big dinner, her husband had a business man coming over to possibly sign him to a big business deal. As she was washing the dishes she knocked over a bunch of the pots and pans thinking that it was going to upset he son she went to run over to make sure he was ok but when she looked over at him she saw that he didn’t flinch at all he just kept playing with his toys. So she made a lot of noise and even hit a couple pots together but still...
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