Silence in Siope

Topics: Sound, Noise, Albert Einstein Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Did you know silence does not exist. The dictionary defines silence as  absence of any sound or noise. There have been many things that suggest that silence is never occurring. There is always some sound being produced from something. In fact silence does not exist and the a term, silence, that is irrelevant

Silence never existed, and will never exist until the end of a human beings life. Noise occurs all the time whether it be whether it be at the top of Mt. Everest or may it be at the deepest hottest pit in the earth. There is always something that occurs that makes sure that silence doesn't occur whether it be our heart beating or the percussion drums. The only people that truly feel the presence of silence by their side, is the deaf. However, think about, is not knowing the sounds of anything, not hearing anything, this is not the peaceful life people looking for silence are looking for. The only place silence would be capable of being is heard is in space.

The word silence, as stated before, means the lack of audible sound. Albert Einstein once said that "...there is no such thing as silence...silence is simply the absence of sound, sound we can study, however, we cannot study silence...." Many people have disagreed with Albert Einstein's statement on silence, however, even in the most peaceful place we cannot find true silence. Silence ceases to exist because if it did exist we would be scared of hiding from it like the society does of other things. Even though at times people might feel like they are in perfect stillness and silence, they aren't.

In conclusion, silence does not exist and there will never be a time where a person will absolute silence. There will always be some noise crawling up someone's back. Where ever a person might be there will always be something destroying the silence from occurring.
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