Silas Marner , Literary Analysis

Topics: Love, George Eliot, Patsy Kensit Pages: 3 (1174 words) Published: August 3, 2011
The Aspects of Parenting in Silas Marner

“Love and Respect are the most important aspects of parenting and of all relationships.” Jodie Foster says. There are no constraints to love In the book of Silas Marner by George Eliot this is very true, all children need love and respect from their parents because all children have a privation of wanting to be loved. In the novel, Silas is a man who is living the life when his best friend William Pane accuses him of stealing from the church and Silas's life is turned upside down. He moves to a village called Ravenloe and becomes a hermit and the desolation of his life now makes him anti-social towards the others living in Raveloe. For living he is a weaver and makes money out of doing so, he cherishes and loves his money but one day it was stolen by Dunsey Cass. Silas went into depression because of his loss until a child showed up at his doorstep. He kept this child and it became his new pride and joy as he raised her as if she is his own child. His daughter Eppie gets married and they all live happily. In the story, Silas Marner it shows that the importance of parenting is love and affection. Through out the novel Silas shows love towards Eppie, he acquiescenced to adopting and raising her. The baby was Godfrey and Molly's daughter, Molly was going to get revenge on Godfrey walking through a snow storm but died in the snow from drugs and alcohol and then froze to death. Eppie was in Molly's arms when she fell into the snow and she went to Silas's village in front of the hearth. Silas found Eppie at his cottage and his first thought was his money had been returned but really it was a baby girl (Eliot, 93). When he went to Squirre Cass about the child he had found, he insisted upon keeping it. He decided to raise her himself. Silas adopting Eppie was a really big commitment to make, but he knew he had already loved Eppie, the moment he saw her. “...Eppie called him away from his weaving, and made him think all his...
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