Silas Marner

Topics: Silas Marner, George Eliot, Love Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: February 26, 2012
In Silas Marner George Eliot shows didactic viewpoint through his use of syntax to prove that money and social position do not make one a better person. Though the Cass family has money they do not get much joy out of life. Godfrey Cass is in love with Nancy Lammeter, and even though he has money, she does not love him. Eliot questions Godfrey by saying, “Did he suppose that Miss Nancy Lammeter was to be won by any man, squire or no squire, who led a bad life?( Eliot 74).” This quote shows that Nancy is a different girl then everyone else. She will not fall for Godfrey because he is rich, but in turn she does not know that Godfrey loves her because she will not give him a chance. Because Godfrey is rich he does not get a chance to find love, proving that just because you are in a high social class and you are rich does not mean that you will get everything you want. Along with his son, Squire Cass is one of the richest men around, but is still unhappy that his wife is dead. “For the Squires wife had died long ago, and the Red House was without the presence of the wife and mother which is the fountain of wholesome love..(18)” is what Eliot explains to us. Squire comes off as a happy man mostly because he is rich, but inside he is not very content with himself. Now that his wife is gone the “fountain of wholesome love” is gone his support system is gone along with her, removing a mother to help keep the children in line. This also proves that though he is wealthy and appears to be happy, without love in his life he feels nothing. Silas is a good man that has money, but has nothing else to love. Silas Marner is a strange looking man, and though he is rich he is shunned from society. Eliot notifies us that Silas is alone when she says, “Marner’s inward life had been a history and a metamorphosis, as that of every fervid nature must be when it fled, or been condemned to solitude (5).” Silas is an unusual man, but is very kind, and yet is still...
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