Silas Marner

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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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What does Silas Marner have to say about the relationship between parent and child?

We expect that the relationship between a parent and a child is affectionate and caring; however, George Elliot explores and shows the reader that this is not always the case and relationships between different families are all very different. In the book there are many examples of relationships between parents and children. These include the relationship between Silas and Eppie, Squire Cass, Godfry and Dunstan also Godfry and Eppie. The Case of Godfry and Nancy’s sadness over not being able to have children also arises in the novel. One of the relationships between mother and child is Molly and Eppie. Molly was married to Godfrey and the only person who knew about his ‘secret’ life was his brother Dunstan. Molly was addicted to drugs and she lived in poverty, her relationship with Eppie was destroyed by her addiction, the only love Molly had in her life was the love to drugs. Instead of devoting herself to bringing up Eppie she devoted herself to being drugs. Perhaps this addiction was because Godfrey let her down and was ashamed of her so she had to rely on something and for her it was drugs. When Godfrey realises that his wife passed away, the expression ‘a weight was lifted of his shoulders’ is very relevant. Godfreys’ secret was kept and he was not prepared to claim Eppie even though she was motherless. As he was ‘free,’ he could now propose to Nancy without worrying about his wife. Godfrey entered this secret marriage as he was young and foolish, however he realised his mistakes when he realises he loves Nancy. He couldn’t get out of his marriage with Molly as Molly threatened to tell his father, so Godfrey would rather have a secret marriage than shame upon his name. However, Dunstan knew about Godfrey’s ‘secret’ life and having a family of his own, he constantly manipulated Godfrey over this, Godfrey did most of what his brother said as he was afraid that his brother...
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