Sikh Wedding Card

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Sikh wedding Card
Indian Marriages means lot of gaiety, frolic and good amount of expenses. It is very important occasion for both the families as they unite through various rituals and customs. And not only for one but for all the communities in India Wedding is no less than a big festival. All the communities have different customs and traditions with specific characteristics. Likewise, in Sikh community too weddings happen with lot of pomp and show. This community is very colourful and fun loving. Sikh marriage or it is better known as ‘Anand Karaj’ evinces this completely. Sikh marriage also as any other marriage consists of many rituals and customs. Main ceremony happens during the day time in Gurudwara followed up with lavish lunch by bride’s side. Guru Granth Sahib is placed right in front of the bride and groom during the ceremony. An elderly person who officiates recites the meaning and principles of marriage to them. Most of the times, wedding ceremony is preceded by the engagement ceremony a day before. The splendour of attires, decoration and delicacies are always an attraction in Sikh marriages. Even the wedding invitation Card holds very important place in marriage as it is a glimpse of forthcoming party. A Sikh wedding invitation card is very carefully chosen and designed by the family. The richness and beauty of Sikh marriage is shown in the wedding cards as well. Sikh wedding cards are quite expensive cards. The intricate stone or kundan designs on bright metallic background are very aesthetic and give it a royal touch. They prefer textured material for cards. It can be hand- made paper, satin, tissue, silk, wool etc. Very popular are metallic backgrounds and embossed designs. Colours are bright and vibrant in compliance with the occasion. Sometimes it also has some pictures depicting bride procession or a groom on a steed. Most probably it has their religious symbol on the front page. Inside the card are the venue and time details...
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