Significant Life Adjustments

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  • Published : January 29, 2012
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We have discussed during our psychology of personal growth and adjustment one of the most common sources of stress which is significant life adjustments. Upon hearing this, I agreed myself. Certain adjustments can be very stressful when you find it hard to adapt or if you are not yet ready to adjust to these changes. There comes a time in our lives that even if we do not want to, we have to let go and accept that shit happens. Having my dad beside me as I grow up would be termed as daddy’s girl. I disgust it when my friends tell me that I am the like since I want to be known as someone who is independent. Even in school I eat lunch and go home with him since we belong to the same institution. But now that he already found a better job, it’s time to say goodbye to father-dependency. At first, I was too confident to say that I can handle myself even without him by my side. Well, I said those because I don’t want to be one of his reasons for hesitating to go. But now, I can sense this cold feeling when you do not have anyone to turn on to when something unpleasant in school happens. I will miss running to corridors just to tell my dad that I got a perfect score in Bio. I will definitely miss going to the faculty room to hang out and do facebook even in between classes. And I will miss someone who’ll excuse me during my class just to hand me over my favourite Starbucks Frappuccino. I still have my friends though but nothing beats a dad. Although I get agitated when he’s teasing me with guys, I will surely miss that and how he gives his pieces of advice when I am bursting into tears again just because of a love problem. My friends told me that I must be grateful to have a dad who’s cool and witty, funny and adik, protective but sweet. I don’t listen that much because for me he’s just like any other dads out there. But I came to realize that “No, my dad is extraordinary”. He isn’t perfect. I know his flaws and accepted them as how he accepted me wholeheartedly. Now...
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