Significant Influence

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A significant influence on me was my grandfather because he was a strong independent man that took care of his family like no other with pride and integrity. He influenced me to want something out of life as a young man he molded me into the young man that I am to this very and he was taking too soon before his time. When my grandfather passed away it hurt me in so many ways. He was a true role model that knew about life and how life should be lived. He wasn’t the best grandfather or father but, he was special to me and all of his grandchildren and children. He helped raise me as a baby he had a good heart. He didn’t always live a good life but he knew how to show his family love. But when he passed away he gave the family a new view on life and new objective that needed to be completed it may not have been completed yet but it will. He influenced me to become a young man and encourage me to basketball to best of my ability like I’m supposed to do as a Ford. He taught his children how to have pride in everything they do in life and never take life for granted. Everything done in the years that I have been on this earth I have to strive to live up to his expectations of me. He gave me a reason to want something out of life and succeed in tough economy so that I don’t have to struggle in life. That’s why I must do whatever it takes to make it by any means necessary. The morning he passed away it was the most dreadful feeling that I felt like I lost my mother and father that’s how much he meant to me. I’ve held the feeling of losing him to this very day but, I know that he with me every step of the way. All things that he taught me from the days of me being a baby he always knew that I was going to be something since day one. His life teachings were the most influential things in life at the top of my list so far. He will always be the most influential influence o n me to my very last days of my life.
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