Significant Events in Ones Life

Topics: United States, Environment, Change Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: September 23, 2012
Tell us about a significant event in your life that changed your views and personality We can certainly compare life to a technological invention, it changes almost every day. These changes can be beneficial or harmful, depending on the choices that we make in our everyday lives. The biggest change in my life happened at the age of thirteen, when my parents decided to move to the United States from India. I was pretty sad about my parents’ decision, because I didn’t want to leave my friends and teachers. However, I had no choice but to obey my parents. Right now, I am really proud of my parents’ decision, because it changed my life forever. When I first started my high school life in the US, I was very nervous and shy. My lack of confidence caused me to think that I was not smart enough to do anything. Fortunately, a couple of days later, I got some new friends and they helped me with my homework and language issues. Many of my teachers also offered me extra help with my studies, and I slowly gained self confidence. I joined the school Environmental Club and started doing many environmentally friendly activities such as recycling and trash picking. I developed leadership abilities through conducting meetings and training sections to teach others about the importance of protecting our environment. As a result, I gained many friends and became popular in my school. As you can see, my parents’ decision to move to the US has helped me to improve my self confidence and learning abilities. My new life in the United States has provided me with the courage and guidelines to become successful in my life. Therefore, particular events in one’s life can make significant changes in his/her lifestyle and personality. Most importantly, one should have the courage and mentality to adapt in a new environment, no matter how difficult it is.
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