Significant Event: Tryouts

Topics: Psychology, Amnesia, Memory Pages: 4 (1147 words) Published: February 7, 2013

Describe Your Significant Event
When I was 12 years old, I tried-out and was selected from over 300 kids ages 11-13; to play on the Junior Naval Academy baseball team from Annapolis Maryland. I played with this team for two seasons and have told friends and family many stories from my memories about this time. Why Some Memories Could More or Less Accurate

My long-term memory of this first tryout has been stored in good detail in my episodic memory to be recalled any time I have cause to share this personal event (Baron & Kalsher, 2008). I have told stories of this brief period in my life to help encourage other young people to try things that they may not necessarily feel confident about. When sharing the memory of overcoming how scared and nervous I was that day, it returns my state of mind back to that time; I can see the glove I used and my hat with the big white ‘N’ that we were given for making the team. An influence known as state-dependent retrieval allows these events to come forward and be used (Baron & Kalsher, 2008). This memory has also been triggered on different occasions by the method known as retrieval cues; listening to people tell similar stories stimulates spontaneous personal memories and I suddenly find myself telling my story to them, although some of the facts may be less accurate than I remember. Some of the factors that cause false or inaccurate memories are inaccurate perception and similarity. This can be described as (e.g.Roediger III & Marsh, 2009) “False memory refers to cases in which people remember events differently from the way they happened or, in the most dramatic case, remember events that never happened at all.” False memories can be very vivid and held with high confidence, and it can be difficult to convince someone that the memory in question is wrong (Baron & Kalsher, 2008). At the first tryout I was sure that many of these kids were going to be better than me and I remember how bad...
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