Significance of the Study (Peer Pressure)

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  • Published : August 4, 2013
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Significance of the study

This section will provide brief description on the various significances of the study. The primordial purpose of the study is to provide the students with a complete and balance education by avoiding peer pressure. Thus, the results of this study will benefit the students, the school administrators, the teachers not only in English but also in other subjects, and especially the parents who are concerned about the behavior of their children. This study will serve as the basis for future plans of actions by the school administrators or few psychiatrists with regard to the necessary actions for the recovery of the deteriorating moral values of the students. To students, the proposed study serves the students as their references guide in avoiding peer pressure. It will also help students to build self-esteem and confidence in one’s own abilities and actions, by following the 5 ways to avoid peer pressure. To parents, the proposed study serves the parents as their reference guide to avoid the negative effects of peer pressure. It will also help the parents to scold their children more easily. In order to help their children parents should consider warm parenting with strict boundaries, and by following the 5 ways to avoid peer pressure. Furthermore, this study will serves as a model for future researchers of the same nature if ever the existing problem has penetrated in this case will exist in the future. Future researchers will benefit from this study and it will provide them the facts needed to compare their study during their respective time and usability.
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