Significance of the Brain Hemisphere and Its Functions

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Right Hemisphere Injury
The brain is a very powerful organ that us humans have in our bodies. Without the brain the body would not be able to function. The brain is the center of the nervous system and it controls some of your basic types of responsiveness such as reflexes. The brain is made up of two hemispheres, the right and the left. The left hemisphere controls the right side of your body and the right hemisphere controls the left side of your body. Most people in the world are right handed which means that your left side of their brain is in constant use and their right side of their brain is normally at rest. Not only is the brain the major organ in your body it is also one of the most sensitive organs. The brain is so sensitive that a minor bumping of the head can cause injury to it. Right hemisphere injury is damage to the right side of your brain. Injury to either side of your brain can be harmful to the rest of your body, but injury to the right side of your brain damages your cognitive functioning. For over one hundred years scientists have discovered that the left side of the brain controls the language skills in 95 percent of right-handed people. The studying of the brain began during the renaissance. Scientists thought that the two hemispheres were the same and they didn't notice a difference between the two until the 19th century. Around the 1960s experiments were beginning to show that the right hemisphere had something to do with the language abilities. “The right brain hemisphere was thought to possess only lower level capabilities and was considered subordinate to the left side” (Right-Brain Hemisphere). The right side of your brain is responsible for the auditory and visual imagery. When the right side of the brain is damaged, people usually have a hard time recognizing faces and songs and also meeting new people. They have a hard time meeting new people due to the fact that it is very difficult for them to remember the new faces. Since the right hemisphere also deals with emotions, people whose right hemisphere is damaged have a hard time producing and interpreting emotions. If the front of your right hemisphere is damaged then it is usually hard to produce strong emotions, but if the back of your right hemisphere is damaged then you can produce emotions but do not understand other people's emotions. Also, when the right side of your brain is damaged, it can lead to cognitive communication problems such as impaired memory, attention problems, and poor reasoning (Right Hemisphere Brain Damage). There are many different signs and symptoms when a person is experiencing right hemisphere injury. First, is a short attention span, people whose right side of the brain is injured normally lose attention quickly. They have trouble concentrating and also multi-tasking. Not only do they have trouble paying attention they also have trouble remembering things. It becomes difficult for them to drive as they forget street names and directions that they were once familiar with. They have trouble remembering certain dates and important information such as their birthday and age. This is similar to Alzheimer’s disease, which is a disease that also affects your brain and its function to memorize things. Since the right hemisphere of your brain controls your thinking process, solving problems and organization when faced with an injury it becomes a very difficult task. Telling a story or giving directions in order is something that you no longer can do. Social communication also becomes a problem pertaining to gestures and other nonverbal communication becomes difficult to understand. Left side neglect also occurs. Left side neglect is a form of attention deficit. This means that the person normally does not pay attention to the left side of their bodies. They won't chew food on the left side of their mouth, they won't brush the left side of their hair, and their reading is also affected because they may not read the...
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