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Significance of Research

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Significance of Research

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  • March 2011
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The primary and secondary research that we have conducted is relevant and useful for the fitness equipment and gymming services market in the UAE, or other Middle Eastern countries with similar culture trends like Qatar; businesses specially aiming to shift their customers from satisfied to loyal and then from loyal to advocate. With our research about the

kind of fitness facilities available in the UAE and which kind of people can easily utilise them (men or women, young adults or adults), we can get a satisfactory understanding of the kind of customer experience this market offers.

We have tried to highlight the value of the benefits minus the costs for consumers who use fitness services. Also, we can get a glimpse at what’s on the table in this culture. Which communities have access to which standard of fitness care. The benefits that companies can get out of our research is to identify market gaps, such as focusing more on local people who are more or less being neglected today and have a greater chance of being able to afford the services. The benefits that consumers can get out of our research is to become more aware about the gymming culture of the UAE and the various experiences being offered, and figure out a cost efficient and ideal way to maintain their health.

Our research also shows that people who are not interested in going to the gym but still want to get fitter have various alternatives like sporting facilities including football boot camps, swimming pools and parks but indicates how perhaps consistently going to a gym might be better. We have also tried to collect proofs discovering if people actually utilise the free fitness services that most buildings in this country offer, how gym going habits of different cultures vary in a melting pot of nationalities such as the UAE and how extensively are people willing to spend on fitness.

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