Significance of Fruit Wine

Topics: Wine, Alcoholic beverage, Fermentation Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Importance of fruit wine:
Fruit wines are fermented alcoholic beverages made from a variety of base ingredients (other than grapes); they may also have additional flavors taken from fruits, flowers, and herbs. This definition is sometimes broadened to include any fermented alcoholic beverage except beer. For historical reasons, mead, cider, and Perry are also excluded from the definition of fruit wine. Fruit wines are usually referred to by their main ingredient (e.g., plum wine or elderberry wine) because the usual definition of wine states that it is made from fermented grape juice. Fruit wines have traditionally been popular with home winemakers and in areas with cool climates such as North America and Scandinavia; in Africa, India, and the Philippines, wine is made from bananas. Most fruits and berries have the potential to produce wine. Few foods other than grapes have the balanced quantities of sugar, acid, tannin, nutritive salts for yeast feeding and water to naturally produce a stable, drinkable wine, so most country wines are adjusted in one or more respects at fermentation. Effect of fruit wine in the society:

Eating fruits daily is also very beneficial to one’s health. As most quality fruit wines are made from pure fruit, the wines we love have many of the benefits of traditional grape wines as well as eating fresh fruit. It is no secret that eating more fruits and vegetables can help you live a longer, healthier life. Every day or so, scientific research sheds more light on the benefits of phytonutrients. These naturally occurring plant compounds function within your body to help boost your immune system and fight disease. Research just recently completed by European doctors suggests that 1 to 2 alcoholic drinks per day significantly reduce ones chances of developing dementia in old age. Additionally doctors have said for some time now that a drink a day will also assist in the thinning of one’s blood which is helpful in...
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