Significance of Emotional Intelligence at Work Place

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  • Published: January 1, 2012
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Significance of Emotional Intelligence at Work Place
Some argue that EQ is more important in the work place than IQ.   In the work place, there are constant interactions which are occurring among the people who work there. While some of these interactions are positive, others are negative. The key aspect, managers and company leaders must understand is that over time, each of these interactions will have a positive or negative effect on the company as a whole. The effect that these interactions have on the company will also have an effect on the company's ability to remain competitive in its given market or industry. Having said that, the key fact that must be considered in order to make these interactions more positive is emotional intelligence. Humans are emotional creatures, and this is the first key towards understanding EI. In the past, companies and educational institutions paid an undue amount of attention to one's IQ, or their general intelligence quotient. While IQ is important to some extent, few corporations take the time to measure one's emotional intelligence. EI is equal or greater in importance to IQ simply because people who work for organizations must be expected to get along with the people they work with. If they are managers, they must be effective in working with and managing the employees. It means little for a person to have an IQ of 180 if they cannot relate to anyone, they do not put anyone at ease, they're not composed, and they're not calm during a crisis. Effective management has become a critical issue in the 21st century. One reason for this is because we live in a day and age where more corporations are downsizing in order to compete on the international playing field. The United States, once one of the most powerful manufacturing countries in the world, is now being transformed in an economy that is service based, and what this means is that interpersonal relationships must be emphasized above all else. Relationships must be...
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