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CheckPoint Signals

John O. Parker

IT 242

August 9, 2012

Mr. Adam Moneypenny

The difference between data, voice and video signal is mainly the various size and format that each signal type has in preparation for transmission. One of the four major forms of information are audio or voice signals. Audio is one of the most commonly use of providing information, whereas sounds are formed and transmitted normally by mouth, received by our ears and interpreted in expectance of a response. The telephone service is the main sources used to transmit sound waves by using a transmitter which encode sound waves into electromagnetic waves that is routed through wire to it’s destination. Other applications that uses audio are “telemarketing, voice mail, audio teleconferencing, and entertainment radio”,(Stallings, 2009).

The quaility of sound is measured by the bandwith used in Hertz,(Hz) the greater the heartz, the better the quality of the sound, it can be represented digitally by means of a technique referred to as quantization which is the process of mapping a large set of data into a smaller set, making audio transmission possible through the internet. The requirements for quality sound has made the need for “powerful and flexible intralocation” (Stallings, 2009). To manage the voice requirements “is to tie all the phones into a single system” (Stallings, 2009), in which Private Branch Exchange , (PBX) provides for customers. The Private Branch Echange, PBX “is an on-permise switching facility,owned or leased by an organization…” (Stallings, 2009), this system allows for subscribers on the same premises to connunicate with each other using three to four digits vs. the full seven digits. PBX systems allows for quality conference calling and voicemail. The main reasons for having a PBX is because of cost savings, if owned and operated by the business then it would increase revenue by lowering cost of calls made by co-workers. PBX...

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