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Sign Analysis

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“Semiotics Analysis of Caricature in Kompas Newspaper”

Semiology proposed by (Barthes, 1977) is referred to model semiology of Saussure. In Barthes’ theory he observed that there is the relation between signifier and signified and both of them can not be separated. Barthes focused his attention to the idea of two orders of signification. Barthes created a scheme to explain how the sign works: Based on the picture above Barthes explained that the first order of signification is a relationship between signifier and signified.Barthes called it a denotation which is the most obvious meaning of the sign. Barthes used a term connotation to indicate the second order of signification. The second order of signification illustrates the interaction that occurs when the sign interacts with feelings or emotions of the readers and the values ​​of his culture. In other words, the denotation is what is depicted on the sign of an object, while connotation is how to describe it or how people relate it with his feelings and his culture. As quoted by (Sobur, 2002) Barthes explained that sign in the second order of signification is related to the content. In second order of signification a sign work through myth. Myth is a culture to explain and undertand how the reality is occured. The myth is a product of social class that already has dominance for example: myth about the life and death, humans and gods, femininity, masculinity, science, and success. From that explanation we can conclude that Barthes thought that before we analyze connotative meaning we must analyzes the denotation meaning (the first order of signification), so the first order of signification is important element to analyze connotative meaning. (Barthes, 1977) created a scheme to explain the signification in the stage of connotation:

In the scheme above denotative meanings is explained in the first stage, first is signifier, second is signified, and third is...

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