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Sigmund Freud

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1856 - (May 6) Sigismund Freud was born in Freiberg, Moravia to parents Jacob and Amalia. At the age of 41, Jakob already had two children from a previous marriage, but Sigismund was the 21-year-old Amalia's first born. 1860 - After the failure of his father's business due to economic woes, the Freud family moved to Vienna, Austria and settled in the Jewish neighborhood of Leopoldstadt. 1865 - Freud began attending the Gymnasium.

1873 - Freud graduatedsumma cum laude from secondary school and began studying medicine at the University of Vienna. 1878 - Changed his first name from Sigismund to Sigmund.
1881 - Freud received his doctorate degree in medicine.
1884 - Published a monograph on cocaine.
1885 - Worked with Charcot at the Salpetriere Hospital on hysteria and hypnosis. 1886 - Began his own private practice and married Martha Bernays. 1887 - Freud's daughter Mathilda (1887-1978) was born and he first met Wilhelm Fliess. 1889 - His son Jean Martin (1889-1967) was born. The boy was named in honor of Freud's early mentor, Jean-Martin Charcot. 1891 - Son Oliver (1891-1969) was born.

1892 - Josef Breuer describes the case of Anna O. with Freud. His son Ernst (1892-1970) was also born. 1893 - Began formulating his seduction theory. Daughter Sophie (1893-1920) was born. 1895 - Published Studies on Hysteria with Breuer. Daughter Anna Freud (1895-1982) was born. 1896 - First used the term psychoanalysisin "Zur Ätiologie der Hysterie." His father, Jakob, died the same year. 1900- Published The Interpretation of Dreams.

1901 - Published The Psychopathology of Everyday Life.
1905 - Published Three Essays on Sexuality.
1906 - Began correspondence with Carl Jung.
1907 - Freud and Jung met face-to-face.
1908 - The first International Psychoanalytical Congress was held in Salzburg. 1909 - Freud made his first and only visit to the United States along with Carl Jung and Sandor Ferenczi. He had been invited by G. Stanley Hall to present a series of guest lectures at...

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