Sigma Motion

Topics: Leadership, Status Quo, Family Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: November 10, 2007
1-What are the risks if the current status quo is maintained and Ron remains CEO for a few more years?

•Ron is 70 years old. He might be too old too hold an important rank as CEO at his age. He is ineligible for an executive role as this one because of health conditions. It would be acting as a "monarch" and lead the members of the company whether they are family or not to leave.

•The position Ron would be entitled to would affect the growth of the company if he were to do as he would like to. Indeed he is in possession of all the voting shares. If he decides a wrong decision, or a wrong move in the company he might affect. Specially that at this age, the personality of a person changes a lot, specially toward taking risks, for it won't affect the person, but the followers.

•The children have been in the company for many years however none of them has a voting share, which will affect the family members and might push them to leave.

•Michael and Bob as seen in the case have gone beyond what was expected by informing directly to their father. This main issue might continue if Ron stays ahead of the company.

2-Why has Michael decided to quit?

•He feels that it would be harmful for him and for the company if he stays and fights for the leadership position. •Michael felt that he was competing with his brother for the leader position and didn't want to get in to any problems with his brother. •Ron's behavior of stubborn and acting as a monarch led Michael to leave. •Even though Michael has a good relationship with his brother some tomes they didn't get along very well which decreased Michael's confidence that his father's plan will work. •Ron wanted his two sons to manage the company together but Bob and Michael gave different personalities, goals and leadership styles which meant that they will not collaborate and Ron's plan will not work. •Michael doesn't want to continue in this company because he has been working for four years and...
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