Sigma Marketing Case Study

Topics: Marketing, Environmentalism, Sustainability Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: October 26, 2012
Marketing Strategy: Sigma Marketing Case Study

Sigma Marketing has been ahead its time from the marketing aspect for decades. Although the company will have to adjust to the external environment in order to have continued success. The case study did not seem to mention competition but the company has a niche which limits the competition they will face. Finding an unfilled need is the key to reducing or eliminating competition. Therefore, I do not foresee competitors creating a major problem for Sigma as they are the founders for what they do and continue to raise the bar in order to stay relevant. According to the text, technology advancements refer to the way accomplish tasks or the processes we use to create the “things” we consider new (Ferrell & Hartline, 2011). Technology can create new marketing opportunities for those companies that embrace and implement the changes. Sigma has always invested in additional training, continued education and upgrades regarding technology advances. Their commitment to stay in the forefront will serve them well in the future. From administrative tools to e-commerce, technology will be the company’s biggest challenge over the years. As technology advances, companies may find ways to produce some items in-house with the younger generations starting to become a part of the workforce that grasps technology better than the aging workforce in place. In order to combat the changes in the workforce, Sigma must put a strong emphasis on communication. Communication with the client is an essential aspect of firm’s success. With several choices available many times the decision maker is the customer service that a company provides. Continuing to solidify communication to long standing clients and building new relationships with new clients will make a big difference. Communication will have the biggest impact on Sigma as technology makes face to face meetings obsolete. Sigma must find new ways to keep a face...
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