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Topics: Poetry, World War II, The Reader Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Slessor uses a number of poetic techniques to depict dead sailors rolling in on a beach after sea battle during World War II. Identify 5 techniques and explain their impact on the poem.

Many techniques, used in the poem Beach burial, written by slessor contributed to the depiction of dead sailors rolling in on a beach after sea battle during World War II. Some of these techniques consist of alliteration, personification, simile and pun. All techniques caused large impacts on readers, emotional outcomes, understandings, relations, visual insight and acceptance of the horrendous circumstances the poem was based on, are just a few of the impacts this tragic poem had on readers.

A technique that had a great impact used in the poem Beach Burial is alliteration. This is discovered in stanza one line three quote “sway and wander in the waters” This emphasises the atrocities of the deaths of the men, Giving readers a clear understanding of how lost, undeserving and incomplete the sailors deaths were. This also evokes an emotional reaction from readers. In conclusion through using the technique alliteration, the impact on readers is being able to gain great knowledge and understanding of how tragic the deaths of the sailors were.

Another efficacious technique used in the poem beach burial is personification. This is found in stanza 2 lines 1 quote “Between the sob and clubbing of gunfire” This illustrates the horrendous sounds created by the life taking gunfire’s. In this quote personification conveys certain moods and reactions to the reader, it successfully helps readers relate to the “sobbing” of the gunfire’s, because sobbing is a human attribute. The writer also prosperously evokes antipathy to the reader toward the gunfire’s. In conclusion it is evident that through using the technique personification in the poem beach burial, readers are able to relate to the poem through the use of the technique personification.

A technique that also had a great...
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