Siemens Case Study

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  • Published : November 6, 2012
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1.Identify four benefits to Siemens of its in-depth training and development of workers.


Training and development programs of Siemens give them varieties of benefit and advantage. Such as improvement of services and customer feedback, responding to competition with other multinational companies and creating greater job satisfaction.

Four benefits that Siemens can attain through training and development:

Improving productivity and earning more revenue

Training and development program increases the productivity of existing employees because of new skills with new demographics and situations. Training and development is less costly than recruiting of new staff. Therefore, they are earning more revenue. In addition, trained employees are more confident, enthusiastic and skilled. Therefore, they can manage their jobs easily.

Long-term employee commitment:

Siemens ensures long-term employee commitment by possessing development programs such as apprenticeships. These programs are attaching employees with Siemens from their study level and they are going to stay here for long time for their own development and future qualification. Therefore, it creates a long-term employee commitment by establishing trust, company society and responsibility for Siemens.

Attractive to future employees:

Siemens training program is attractive to future employees. Because, Siemens gives them chance of earning with education facilities. Through Siemens, a graduate can gain chartered engineer status through institution such as IET. They can take a part on different training programs by their choice or in relevant field. Every graduate gets a chance to take a two-year program, consists of nine modules including team working, customer focus, project management, communication skill and business writing. Therefore, Siemens attract fresh talent graduates and ambitious or skillful employees towards their organization.

Employee confidence, motivation and job...
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