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  • Published : November 7, 2010
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Case Analysis: Siebel Systems: Anatomy of a Sale
This case traces efforts by Siebel Systems to sell lead management software to discount broker Quick & Reilly. In addition, Siebel Systems faced a dilemma:Stand by Quick & Reilly or bow to FleetBoston’s wishes. (The structure of Quick & Reilly's buying center is mapped, as is the role of its parent, Fleet Bank.) Key Issues

1. How to reply for the question Q&R have with one of their competitors- Oracle? 2. How to approach to some internal information about Quick & Reilly as well as establishing rapport and consensus? 3. How to demonstrate Siebel Systems’ CRM solution is just the one Q&R need in a short conversation? According to the article, Q&R is currently a user of Oracle CRM which is inferior to Siebel System. As result, if Q&R was planning or at least had the intention to replace their CRM system, it should be a good opportunity for Siebel System. The issues involved in this process in which how to incite and bring about the purchase. First of all, sale of Siebel System should testify they are the optimum option to prospect, which could be achieved by demonstration. Secondly, Siebel Systems need to acquire adequate information on Quick & Reilly from the conversation in order to be positive in the potential purchase. Therefore, Carman needs to know as much as possible about Q&R, such as how is the budget? Who is decision maker? Who should be focus on, Q&R or Fleet Bank? And so on. Recommendations

How should Carman respond to the invitation to tell the Q&R what he thought of Oracle? I suggested that Carman should imply the superior performance of Siebel System by making demonstration without denying Oracle straightforwardly initially. Actually, Cathy might fully understand or at least knew something the features about Oracle. Therefore, the differences could be distinctive after demonstration. At the same time, it could also displace Siebel’s...
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