Topics: Education, Learning, Psychology Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Heather Stucker
EC183/EEC1863 Section 02 Teacher Reflection I: Early Childhood Education as a Profession - Spring 2013 Nancy Kaczrowski
April 19, 2013

Biggest Strengths- Integrating Diversity into Learning.
When I was in high school we learned a lot about Diversity so I’m going to share with you all I learned I feel I will be able to use what I learned for my career in Early Childhood Education. Diversity allows more opportunities for learning and success. Diversity gives you more friendships for a sense of belonging. With Diversity it gives more childcare options where they feel welcomed. It gives more partnerships with staff members and even care providers. Working with diversity in schools you are able to be more creative with art, music and dance. In schools that work with diversity you notice a lot more smiles from the staff and from the children it’s not about what you look like but who are in the world and how you want others to treat you. A couple of great examples I would like to share about diversity would be the book We Are All Alike, We Are All Different by The Cheltenham Elementary School Kindergartners A quote from the book I really liked was "We are all alike. We all have hearts and brains. We are all different. We do not think or feel the same way." Another great example I think about when it comes to Diversity would be the song by Michael Jackson Man in the Mirror to me I think it talks about how everyone is different and unique in their own way no one is perfect but your always about to make a change in the world. Examples to show diversity in the real life I want to show the examples a different way I want to show examples of how you can promote diversity in the classroom. You can take time to learn about everyone’s background about the different interests they are in to and maybe learn about their different learning styles. Allow time for the children to learn one another you could always teach the children that everyone has their own...
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