Siddhartha: Balance of Life

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  • Published : December 1, 2009
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Siddhartha: Balance of Life
The story of Siddhartha written by Herman Hesse is most likely the story that almost everyone goes through in life, but to a different degree. Siddhartha, the main character, sets out early in life to achieve his great enlightenment. He tries all the types of beliefs that claim that they can help him accomplish his goal, but he finds neither one any help and finds a void that can’t be filled through out his religious journey. After straying off his path and enters the world greed he goes back to a river that he had encountered in his earlier travels and it is there that he decides that enlightenment can be reached. After spending time with a ferryman, named Vasudeva, he is able to understand the whole concept of life’s enlightenment. At the river he begins to understand and contemplate the unison of life. And it is at this river that he is able to enlighten his long time friend and live a fulfilled life. It is this unity and balance between spiritual and material perfection that is what Siddhartha was looking for the whole time. The whole novel revolves around Siddhartha’s journey to find his own enlightenment and the enlightenment comes through this theme of a balance of opposites. Because of how important this theme is to the main character it is obviously the most important theme in the whole novel. Though this theme is not just important to Siddhartha in this novel but it is a way of life that almost everyone realizes through out their lives and tries to achieve. A balance in life is the only way that one can achieve stability and bliss in life. Not only does it apply to Siddhartha and all other human beings but also to the works that humans create to express themselves. The humanities are filled with means of expressing the importance in balance and how balance takes its natural course, just as Siddhartha was able to establish. When a person is on an extreme polar on any spectrum, that’s where irrationality, greed, and bad...
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