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Viewing Siddhartha

Everyone has a few personality traits that is what makes a person an individual. The character Siddhartha can be described in many different ways. Siddhartha has several different personality traits which are good looks, curiosity, determination, adventurous, cleverness, Brahmins background and independence.

Siddhartha was very slender and very good looking. Hermann Hesse states in the book Siddhartha that “Love stirred in the hearts of the young Brahmins’ daughter when Siddhartha walked through the streets of the town, with his lofty brow, his king-like eyes and his slim figure”(Hesse2).This means that Siddhartha was very handsome and all the Brahmins daughters crazy were about him. “The sun browned his slender shoulders on the river bank…”(1)., This means that Siddhartha had slender shoulders that had been browned by the sun. Brahmins are wealthy and are similar to high class. He came from the Brahmin background which means his parents were very spiritual and they were very wealthy. “…Happiness in his father’s heart because of his son who was intelligent and thirsty for knowledge; he saw him growing up to be a great learned man, a priest, a prince among Brahmins”(2). ,This means that his father was in a high ranking like a king in the Brahmins and it made him happy to know that his son was always looking to learn something new. Siddhartha’s father knew in his heart that he would make a very great prince.

He is very curious and adventurous he likes to try new things and explore. Siddhartha is a very curious person who tries different things to see what they are and what he can learn from them. He shows determination by not giving up and standing up for what he believes in no matter what. One of Siddhartha’s personality traits were determination I choose determination because, when Siddhartha made the choice that he wanted to become a Samana and his father disapproved. He then told his father that he would stand and...
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