Sicko Reaction Paper

Topics: Medicine, United States, Universal health care Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Gilder López Paisano
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Sicko Movie: Reaction Paper
As we already know, the health care system in Costa Rica is suffering one of the worst crisis we have ever seen before, the economy of the CCSS is decreasing and all the services are being affected. But in our country government is still providing health care, and this is no always the same in other countries. In USA, medicine and health care system are a luxury activity that is rejecting poor people that cannot pay for a health insurance. The purpose of this paper will be to explain the situation of the health care system in this “developed country” based on the Michael’s Moore “Sicko” In this interesting movie, Moore explains how the health care system works in the United States, and it is dysfunctional. According to the movie, there are two lucrative activities that are killing millions of people in this country because government is always supporting corporations and its owners. Since the government reformed the health care system, health insurance and the pharmaceutical industry are two lucrative activities where you not only need money but also “lucky”. In this system, you have to pay for a private health insurance, but at the same time, they are only interested in you money. If you have an accident or you just need medical assistance and you have some health insurance they are going to look for any detail that will deny medical assistance if it is expensive or not. The movie compares the privative and non-universal U.S. system with the universal health care systems of Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Cuba; where health care is a priority and a free right that you can use whenever you want. According to this movie, people in USA are victims of insurance company fraud, during the film, Moore interviews people who lose everything and cannot access to any hospital or clinic because they do not have enough money to get a health insurance. In other cases, the author talks with people who...
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