"Sicko" Movie Review

Topics: Medicine, Health economics, Health insurance Pages: 3 (765 words) Published: January 11, 2012

“Sicko” is a film by documentary film superstar Michael Moore. He is back at it , this time taking a crack at the American Healthcare system, and the tragedy that unfolded by privatizing the Health Insurance Companies. Michael compares and contrasts the American way of doing all things health related, to the rest of the world, bringing to light and laying to rest, many of the misbeleifs. He travels to Canada. France, England, and even to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba!

Along the journey Michael unveil’s many American Healthcare horror stories, vividly pointing out the discrepencies between our way. and “thiers”. Every other country had a completely lax attitude toward the thought of needing the attention of a doctor, atleast from a financial standpoint. While Moore showed us the lives of people who will never afford to retire, who have lost everything including their homes, and some who have even lost their lives as a result of health problems, as if not being in bad health isn’t enough.

This film really puts the “American Way” under the microscope, showing how little we work together and to help one another. HMO’s are like the anti-Robin Hood of the healthcare world, who I believe have driven the price of healthcare to astronomic proportions. Because no one is afraid to charge the big billion dollar corporation an arm and a leg, the big billion dollar corporation doesn’t mind charging us an arm and a leg. It’s a faceless, shameless, business, there is no sympathy through a medical chart, it’s a lot easier to “Decline” someone who represents little more than a policy number. Michael shows us the true intentions of many politicians and HMO’s from the point-of-view of the individual taxpayer. You will feel motivated to get up and “change” something when this film’s credits roll, guaranteed!

I think Michael Moore has done a great job bringing truth to a matter that is laden with propagana. Somehow all of these sterotypes about other countries...
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