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  • Published : July 24, 2008
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After watching Michael Moore’s controversial documentary Sicko and reading “The Nanny State” I felt that America was in big trouble as far as health care is concerned. Not only does Moore expose how bad our healthcare system actually is, he takes it the next step further by exploring how to fix it and he does that by going to other countries who have already done just that. It’s impossible not to relate to it, since it’s a movie about common fears we all face. At first, he isn’t telling us anything we don’t already know. Anyone who has spent any time dealing with insurance companies knows what a mess is. You pay your deductibles and then when you actually need them they go out of the way not to help you. Sicko isn’t only about the 50 million people who don’t have health insurance, it’s also about the 250 million of us that do and are in just as much trouble. Moore goes on to talk about how the American system of health insurance is a disaster, while that of a state- run system, like the ones that exist pretty much everywhere else except America would be much better. This argument is illustrated with statistics- terrible stories about Americans denied healthcare who are forced into bankruptcy to pay for it. Moore tells us about a woman who gets denied payment for use of an ambulance because the health provider felt she should have called to get approved before she actually took the ambulance, even though she was unconscious at the time. Or about a woman being dropped from her health care provider because she didn’t disclose that she had a yeast infection in the past. He goes onto another story about a man who had to choose to save only one of two fingers he severed in an accident. Sicko also presents us with the case of Doug Noe, whose young daughter Annette was born with an acute hearing disability. When a doctor suggested a pair of cochlear ear implants, Noe’s insurance provider, Cigna Health Care, approved the procedure for only the left ear, arguing that a...
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