Topics: Medicine, Universal health care, United States Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Cuba what do these four countries have in common you might ask. They all have a non-profit universal health care system. In a non-profit universal health care system health care is free to those in the country. In Micheal Moore’s “Sicko” he compares America’s for-profit non-universal healthcare system to the healthcare system of these four countries.

I found this film extremely interesting and Informative. I hadn’t known much about the health systems of other countries. To see that Americans who worked as 9/11 rescuers had to leave their homes and go to Cuba to seek medical treatment is saddening. No one wants to have to leave their families to travel to other countries for healthcare just because in their own country they cannot afford all of the medical costs.

Another thing I found interesting is that America could have had a non-profit healthcare system but because it would cost the country a lot of money to pay for medical care for its people they would not do it. To me this shows that the government cares more for its money than it does its hard working people. Because of this America is not even in the top 30 countries with the best healthcare.

If The United States cared more about health and less about money and war maybe the people would not seek help in other countries. It is also obvious that the government much rather keep money in their pockets than assist its people.
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