Sickle Cell Disease

Topics: Sickle-cell disease, Red blood cell, Malaria Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Sickle Cell Disease
Eye problems. The retina, the "film" at the back of the eye that receives and processes visual images, can deteriorate when it does not get enough nourishment from circulating red blood cells. Damage to the retina can be serious enough to cause blindness. •Jaundice, or yellowing of the skin, eyes, and mouth. Yellowing of skin and eyes. These are signs of jaundice, resulting from rapid breakdown of red blood cells. •Delayed growth and puberty in children and often a slight build in adults. The slow rate of growth is caused by a shortage of red blood cells •Pain crisis, or sickle crisis. This occurs when the flow of blood is blocked to an area because the sickled cells have become stuck in the blood vessel •Anemia.

Acute chest syndrome. This occurs when sickling is in the chest •Increased infections
Leg ulcers
Bone damage
Early gallstones
Kidney damage and loss of body water in the urine
Eye damage
Multiple organ failure
Any and all major organs are affected by sickle cell disease. The liver, heart, kidneys, gallbladder, eyes, bones, and joints can suffer damage from the abnormal function of the sickle cells and their inability to flow through the small blood vessels correctly. Problems may include blindness or even death of the effected tissue with obstructed blood flow. Sickle Cell crisis occurs when flow of blood is blocked because a sickled cell has become stuck in a vessel.,

Mental-Emotional (adult)
No one should underestimate its mental and emotional impact. The patient endures not only the pain itself but also the emotional strain from unpredictable bouts of pain, fear of death, and social isolation at school and work. Both children and adults with sickle cell disease often suffer from depression. The financial costs of medical treatments combined with lost work can be very burdensome. Sickle cell patients and caregivers often face great obstacles in finding psychological support for...
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