Sick People Should Stay Home

Topics: Work, Feeling, Stay Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Tracy Martin
English 101
25 February 2013
Sick People Should Stay Home
Why do sick people think they can carry on like they are not sick? They still go to work sick, shopping, and even out to eat. People also send their children to school sick. Do people really understand how they can affect people by spreading sick germs? Sick people should stay home!

People who are feeling ill generally have difficultly thinking clearly and doing work that is required or expected of them. It is not fair to clients, students, and other co-workers when work cannot be performed at a hundred percent. The task of staying focused while sick can also be a struggle when the bathroom is in much need. Having to constantly leave a work station or office is not a way to stay focused on work. Also when feeling bad people have a shorter temperament and are more likely to be quick to snap on other people, this is all due to not thinking clearly. When not thinking clearly one can spread germs by not cleaning and sanitizing properly in the work area causing ones co-workers to be a little upset. Costly mistakes can be made when performance is not at its best. Mistakes can be made that can possibly otherwise be avoided. Test taking, payroll, lab readings, filling medicine prescriptions, and driving are only a few examples of important jobs that need clear headed thinking. So, being sick is currently not good, but being sick and going to work or out in public can be bad and sick people should stay home.

Sick people can stay home to get well without spreading germs to others. When sick people go out in public others are exposed to germs and that is not fair to the healthy people. Some people tend to get upset when they are exposed to the sickly that should have stayed home. No one wants to walk into a restaurant and see a greeter, waiter or server sneezing or coughing over the food. When sick people go to work, school, or even out in public they expose everyone around...
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