Sick Leave

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-sick leave [ 6-8 ] days.

-casual  leave [ 10-12 ]  days.

-earned [ paid ]  leave,  after  12  months  service [ 4   weeks ]

-sectional/national  holidays [ 11-12]  depending  on which  state  you  are in.

-maternity  leave  135  days.

-paternity  leave  15  days.

Earned Leave
·   The leave entitlement is 30 working days for each completed year of service and accrues after completion of one year of service in the firm. ·   He/She is also entitled for 7 days of Sick leave and 7 days of casual leave. However, the two types of leaves cannot be clubbed together. Not more than 2 days of casual leave would be granted at one time. o   Incase of casual leave the approval needs to be taken by the Manager in advance. However, the leave would be granted by the Manager based on availability of the staff required to do the routine activities in order to avoid any hindrance at work. o   Incase of sick leave taken for more than 2 days a doctor’s certificate needs to be submitted to the HR Dept.   ·   Intermediate Sundays/ declared holidays will be excluded from leave. Subsequently it will accrue on April 1 every year.

·   The maximum number of days of leave a Staff member may accumulate is 40 days. ·   After completion of a period of one year of service a staff member can take encashment of leave, during the tenure of service or at the time of separation from the firm. However, during the probation period you will not be entitled for any leave and leave taken during that period be taken will be taken as Leave without Pay. ·   Before proceeding on leave, a Staff member is required to submit the Leave Application Form to the HR Representative at the location after obtaining sanction of the concerned approval of the Head of Dept.

·   In the event of a transfer, balance leave up to a maximum of 40 days may be transferred. ·   After submitting his/her resignation, a Staff member will not be eligible for availing of any leave. However, any balance leave may be adjusted against the notice period with the sanction of the concerned Head of Department. In the event the staff member resigns before completion of one year of service, no leave can be adjusted against notice period since the leave would not have been accrued to his leave account before that. ·   Under exceptional circumstances, Leave in Advance may be granted with the approval of the Head of Department. However, this would be recovered from the staff in case of resignation before the leave accrues.

Leave on account of prolonged illness

·   Leave on account of prolonged illness may be taken as per guidelines set out below: o   Adjustment against leave balance if any.
o   Next 3 months on half pay.
o   Further extension of leave as leave without pay.
o   The Staff members availing of such leave are required to submit a medical certificate from a certified medical practitioner, detailing reasons for such leave. o   The Dept. Head should approve such leave.

o   This leave does not cover pre- natal / maternity.

Maternity Leave

·   Lady Staff members are eligible for 3 calendar months Maternity Leave on full pay on each occasion of confinement. ·   The Staff member may utilize her leave balance in order to extend the duration of leave, if required. ·   If the Staff member is required to extend her leave further on account of post-natal complications, the approval of the Head of Department is required. ·   However, such leave will be as per guidelines set out below:

o   Additional Maternity Leave for first 3 months on half pay. o   Special Maternity Leave beyond 3 months on leave without pay.

Paternity Leave

Paternity leave may be granted as follows:
·   5 working days at full pay to be taken on birth of each child. ·   This can be granted twice during the employee’s period of service with the firm. ·   This leave is to be taken within one month of the birth of the child. ·   Approval of the Head of Dept. needs to...
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