Sic-Quest STEM: Conference Notes Synopsis

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  • Published : November 17, 2010
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Kamilah Walker
Sci-Quest STEM Conference Notes Synopsis

The United States is historically the leading nation in countless categories, essentially through the application of innovation. Currently, we are a country that inhabits five percent of the world’s human population. Yet, we also happen to control twenty-five percent of the world’s economic existence. However, we did not become this type of nation instantaneously; it was not necessarily a gift that was simply given to our forefathers. Our ancestors, men and women of all types of racial, educational, and economic backgrounds, used their bodies and minds to drive the U.S. to its current status. It was done through revolutions; industrial and the like, and it was certainly not a feat of ease. There is presently another revolution that is taking place. This new revolution is a technological one. Every day, there is a new breakthrough in the technological world, or a breakthrough that would not have been possible without technology. This ranges from robotic medical surgeries to the usage of GPS locators to bring a missing child home to their family. The technological revolution requires America to have a strong force of members within the field of S.T.E.M.- Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. Unfortunately, this is not the case in our modern society. Additionally, there are other countries- China, India, and Russia-to name a few, that are doing what they can to “catch-up”-and in their minds-hopefully surpass us. An example: It has been noted that fifteen percent of U.S. college seniors graduate with a degree in the field of engineering, while fifty percent of China’s college graduates are receiving degrees in the same field. Why is this happening? What is going on with our nation when it comes to the field of STEM? Why is this one of the few fields in which we seem to be-dare we say-insufficient? Well, let’s take a look at the average American: A hard worker, and no...
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