Sibling Influence

Topics: Sibling, Gender role, Parent Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: February 5, 2012
Sibling Influence, Gender Roles and the Sexual Socialization of Early Adolescent Girls During the course of urban sibling socialization, it is a known fact from this research study that younger siblings gain knowledge of values, roles and skills from their older siblings whether or not that sibling is male or female. In this process it is believed that older brothers in comparison to older sisters may be more likely to strengthen a girl’s traditional gender roles in social and sexual interactions. Studies have shown that the younger siblings report an earlier onset of sexual intercourse then there older siblings. It was also reported that younger siblings with an older pregnant or parenting sibling in the home tend to parent a child of their own during adolescence. In general, the younger sister’s beliefs about the best time to become sexually active and the determination of using contraceptives coincided with that of an older brother but not an older sister. It would seem that the older brother has more influence in this aspect. Furthermore, girls with older brothers are stereotypically more feminine then girls with older sisters. There is also evidence that the girls’ sexual socialization may be influenced by the family factors such as the number of parents in the home, communication between family members and the attitudes of both child and parents. It is said that the brother-sister dyads often resemble those of heterosexual dating pairs rather than those of mixed sex platonic pairs. This suggests that the sibling relationships may be characterized by gender related power dynamics. In most cultures, the men are expected to initiate sexual opportunities and keep the control over women. Social control usually reinforces this is by means of socialization. Deviation from these social characters we are meant to play leads to confusion of gender roles in social and sexual interactions. It also invites unfavorable assumptions about the character and sexual...
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