Sibling Comparison

Topics: Sibling, Birth order, Family Pages: 3 (1170 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Mariah Gibson
Dr. Shannon McMahon
Sibling Positions
We were sitting at the bottom of the stairs, dressed up in the silly Christmas outfits our mom picked out for us, just waiting for the minute our grand parents would arrive so we could run up and see all of the presents we got for Christmas. It was this time that the fighting began for who would get to run up first. My older brother pulled out the “I’m the oldest I should go first,” card. My younger brother argument was that because he was the youngest so he should go first, and I was left with almost no argument. The only card I had was the “I’m the only girl, so ladies first,” but when your older brother can beat you up your argument really doesn’t matter. So, either way if we went oldest to youngest, or youngest to oldest I would still be second best, never in the lead in the sibling race of modern everyday family. The Oldest Child:

The best thing about being the oldest child are they are typically the “boss” of their younger siblings, hence why the oldest ended up always going first up the stairs on Christmas mornings and spoiling the surprise for everyone else. They get the first of everything, luckily for me we were a different size in jeans so I got new jeans too, just after he would get his. They have more responsibilities, earning my parents trust with ease, as for me

The down side of being the oldest is they often get put on a pedestal, and can’t get away with near as much as the siblings in their shadow. It’s too bad my older brother didn’t live up to my parent’s standards and they turned to me to over achieve. They also are relied on the most, fortunetly for my older brother he wasn’t relied on past the eighth grade. The last thing is, they typically, get annoyed by their younger siblings, as if they were only made to bother them, this was my specialty as a younger sister. The first-born children in contrast to their siblings are more likely to be responsible,...
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