Siberian Husky

Topics: Siberian Husky, Dog, Puppy Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: October 12, 2011
Having a Siberian husky would be cool to have. I’ve been thinking about how awesome they look. When I saw the movie “Eight Below” on Disney channel. I just have to have a Siberian husky one day. A Siberian husky would make a great pet for me.

Siberian huskies are smart and can be trained easily if done early. Older dogs are harder to train from what I heard. Pups are easier and if I get a puppy I must plan to spend time training it to be the dog I want. Training them when they’re just a puppy will make it easier than when they’re older. It’ll take time to train them when they’re older. Lastly Siberian huskies are easier to train when they are puppies.

The Siberian husky is a very sweet loving and playful dog. They’re very good with children and a great family pet. They are also friendly with strangers, they are not watchdogs, for they bark little, and love everyone. Siberian husky is very playful that I would love to have. They are high energy dog, especially when young. Finally, those are the reason Siberian husky is a very sweet loving and playful dog.

Siberian huskies are a wonderful companion dogs. They will be by your side when danger occurs. If you have a little time during the day to give them, they will do whatever you are up for. They are one of the healthiest breeds today; therefore, you will have a healthy companion for many years to come. The Siberian husky’s get along with other animals so they don’t cause you problem. Lastly, they are a wonderful companion dogs that I would love to have.

After watching “Eight Below,” I just have to get a Siberian husky as my pet. Therefore, I really find them interesting. I like the way they look and I think they’ll make good companions. I would rather have a Siberian husky dog than any other dogs. I like how they are different and that is why I want one.
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