Sia Compliant Conflict Resolution and Management

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  • Published: August 7, 2011
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This unit is intended for people who want to work in the private security industry and who require an SIA licence to practise. It covers the knowledge and understanding for areas that are relevant to front line roles. Learning Outcome Assessment Criteria

The learner will: The learner can:
1. Understand the principles of conflict management appropriate to their role 1.1 State the importance of positive and constructive communication to avoid conflict 1.2 Identify the importance of employer policies, guidance and procedures relating to workplace violence. 1.3 Identify factors that can trigger an angry response in others 1.4 Identify factors that can inhibit an angry response in others 1.5 Identify how managing customer expectations can reduce the risk of conflict 1.6 Identify human responses to emotional and threatening situations 2. Understand how to recognise, assess and reduce risk in conflict situations 2.1 Identify the stages of escalation in conflict situations 2.2 Explain how to apply dynamic risk assessment to a conflict situation 3. Understand how to communicate effectively in emotive situations and de-escalate conflict 3.1 State how to use non-verbal communication in emotive situations 3.2 Identify how to overcome communication barriers

3.3 Identify the differences between assertiveness and aggression 3.4 Identify ways of defusing emotive conflict situations 27 3.5 Identify appropriate approaches to take when confronting unacceptable behaviour 3.6 Identify how to work with colleagues to deescalate conflict situations 3.7 State the importance of positioning and exit routes

4. Understand how to develop and use problem solving strategies for resolving conflict 4.1 State the importance of viewing the situation from the customer’s perspective 4.2 Identify strategies for solving problems

4.3 Identify win-win approaches to conflict situations
5. Understand good practice to follow after conflict situations 5.1 State the...
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