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Topics: Brand, Brand management, Singapore Airlines Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: October 5, 2008
SIA is among the few airlines that have a very strong and positive brand reputation. A recent survey placed the value of the SIA brand st SS332 million, the seventh highest among Singaporean companies. The high brand value is a result of conscious decisions and strategies implemented over a long period of time. According to Dr Cheong Choong Kong, SIA’s former chairman and CEO: The Singapore Girl was conceived, a personification of oriental charm and friendliness, which the airline made real through careful recruitment and painstaking training. Effective and original advertising, together wuth word of mouth praises from satisfied passengers, would create an aura of superior service and style. The aura, once established had to be sustained through constant training, clever advertising and ingenuity in the cabin. SIA’s branding strategy is noteable in several other aspect. It adopts a global approach to advertising by using the same advertisement (containing the same message, expect in different languages) in international media as well as in overseas markets. Morever, the broad basis of its brand positioning (the Singapore Girl, a great way to fly, and latest fleet) has been consistently emphasized since its inception. Many other airlines, on the other hand, have changed their advertising theme every few year, thus confusing customer. To build and sustain its brand reputation, SIA’s advertising investments are heavy and are maintained even during industry downturns. During the first 21 years of existence, SIA invested as much as S$750 million in advertising (an average of s$35 million per year, but expenditures in recent years might have been significantly higher) Interestingly, SIA’s brand-building efforts witnessed tremendous campaign, leading to a first mover advantage. In 1973, the year the campaign was launched, the recall rate of the advertisement was 21%; by 1979 it had jumped to 50%. Being a pioneer in the industry in terms of brand building,...
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