Topics: Vegetarianism, Vegetarian Society, Ahimsa Pages: 2 (860 words) Published: December 29, 2012
SHYNESS MY SHIELD is the real life story of Mohandas Garamchand Gandhi written in his autobiography The Story Of My Experiments With Truth. In SHYNESS MY SHIELD Mohandas Garamchand Gandhi talks about his shyness and how it shielded him.When he was elected to the Executive Committee of the Vegetarian Society he made it a point to attend all of its meetings, but he always felt tongue-tied. Dr. Oldfield once told Gandhi that he talked to him quite all right, but never opened his lips at a committee meeting. He called him a drone. When others expressed their opinions at these meetings he sat quite silent. He felt tempted to speak. But he did not know how to express himself. All the rest of the members appeared to him to be better informed than him. When he had mustered up courage to speak, a fresh subject would be started. This went on for a long time. Meantime a serious question came up for discussion. He thought it wrong to be absent, and felt it cowardice to register a silent vote. The President of the Society was Mr. Hills, proprietor of the Thames Iron Works. He was a puritan. It may be said that the existence of the Society depended practically on his financial assistance. Many members of the Committee were more or less his proteges. Dr. Allinson of vegetarian fame was also a member of the Committee. He was an advocate of the then new birth control movement, and preached its methods among the working classes. Mr. Hills regarded these methods as cutting at the root of morals. He thought that the Vegetarian Society had for its object not only dietetic but also moral reform, and that a man of Dr. Allinson's anti-puritanical views should not be allowed to remain in the Society. A motion was therefore brought for his removal.Gandhiji considered Dr. Allison's views regarding artificial methods of birth control as dangerous, and he believed that Mr. Hills was entitled, as a puritan, to oppose him. Gandhiji had a high regard for Mr. Hills and his...
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