Shylock Diary Entry

Topics: The Merchant of Venice, Shylock, Portia Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: May 21, 2013
July 28 1601

Today, Antonio and Bassanio borrowed money from me, three thousand ducats. The merchant Antonio is so certain that his ships will come back. It’s like nothing will come on his ships way, ships are just boards and sailors are just men. Anything could come on his ships way like thieves, storms, winds and rocks. After a long debate with myself I decided that I’ll lend them money. The merchant, Antonio and I decided to make a bond just for fun. He thinks proud and high that I will not charge interest, how proud he is. The bond state, I can take pound of flesh from any part of his body. Also the bond was sealed today with his blood. It is like father Abraham laid mercy on me by giving this chance, a chance to make revenge on Christians and Antonio. Oh, the name Antonio angers me , he the one who called me a dog, spat on me in the Rialto and called me unbeliever and his reasons is that I am Jew. When the day comes in three months from now and he can’t pay the three thousand ducats. I will say to him look to your bond!!! I will not give mercy for him. In the other hand maybe if I do lay mercy on him and , if all ships does not come back in three months and thus Bassanio won Portia’s hand in marriage , I can get the money that they owe thrice as much. Also, if neither that happens I can make them my slaves for life because I’m see as a fiend or a devil. He hates me because I am Jew and I lend money with interest. What I his problem with us Jew, we are human like them. In an instance if you poison a Jew and a Christian both of them will die. What else then he expect me to do if I don’t lend money; Jews are only entitled as professional bankers. We can’t own land, we could not seek for any other jobs and we are mistreated and their reason is that we are a Jew. Is it because we can’t accept their god and entitle him like another prophet or is it because a Jew killed Jesus who is also a Jew? O father Abraham helped me have peace...
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