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Shuzworld distribution pattern gives a clear view of Shuzworld strategies of growth from it’s foundations to becoming a company niche in the market. From the spear headers tactics they therefore used different combination of patterns driving the company to have explosive achievements. It laid on a plan to enter in to the mass market with a clear mission of becoming a nation wide retailer that was in between it’s foundation in 1965 to 1980s to date where it is still growing drastically. In great response to the public they were entrusted to provide families with quality footwear, fashioned that supersede the increased demand of today’s lifestyle thus giving the precise combination of style, convenience, quality and price.

The strategic department has a quite a sum of operational challenges that need scrutiny where they emphasized on usage of sound management principles with decision analysis to give great sense of the available options of which considered to fasten the solving of the problems thus will enhance growth for your company reputation. From vast opportunities for recreation that should be brought by the Shuzworld production facility it will be of great assistance for gaining access to different horizons of the company therefore it will get great unity trust from the unit managers. The output from decision analysis explains how, when the company produces it’s own produce how it can earn great returns, therefore opening stores nationwide and having several catalogs and one corporate e-commerce site.

In emphasizing the merits when providing the out put of analysis per with the described recommendation and further review of calculation for easier retrace of work done. Issues involving improve of efficiency that could be put into practice with out delay that will be well promising. For sure the efficiency of the Rugged Wear Workbook product is quite slow in fact we budgeted on 6 workbooks that needed to be produced within an hour with the range of 40 hour worksheet. From the prepared out put decision analysis on preference on Rugged wear.

|Rugged Wear | |Workbook Assembly Schedule | |Task |Performance Time |Predecessors | | |(Minutes) | | |A |10 |None | |B |6 |A | |C |3 |A | |D |8 |B,C | |E |3 |D | |F |4 |D | |G |3 |E,F | |H |9 |G | |Total time |46 |  |

From the other output analysis it carefully gives the lay down of the production line.


In results anticipation for Maui Sandal that it could be very well accepted and after working the numbers out the need for Shanghai will need to produce batches of 10,000 thus gearing up for great expectation. Therefore from the chat below there is great expectation for an effective roll-out.

|The Maui Sandal Project |
|Month |Batches of |
| |Sandals |
|1 |5 |
|2 |10 |
|3 |15 |
|4 |20 |

The estimated 1, 00 batch labor hours derived from experience with a recap of our previous footwear thus making the labor costs on an hourly rate average is $1.08 and from several products staff regularly had an 80% learning curve.

The computer-driven shoe machines process reliability process...
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