Shutter Island Analysis

Topics: Psychiatry, United States Marshals Service, Psychiatric hospital Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: January 12, 2013
The story revolved about a man named, Teddy Daniels. A US Marshall who, with his partner, Chuck Aule, went to an island known as “Shutter Island” to conduct an investigation regarding the escape patient of the said psychiatric institution. upon arriving, he met, Dr. Cawley, the person in charge of the facility. there he found out that the said patient was named, Rachel Solando. when he went to his room, he had found a piece of paper containing a riddle saying, “the law of 4, Who is 67”. During the investigation, some members of the said facility was uneager to search for the said patient, and during teddy’s interview with some of the patients, one of them told him to run away from the place. This event had added to his curiosity and felt that something was wrong. everyone has his own secrets until it was revealed that even Teddy, has a hidden agenda, he was there for his own reason, he was there to look for, Andrew laeddis, the one who killed his wife, Dolores Chanal. As days go by, many things had happened, he had met George Noyce, his informant about the island and he was shocked to see him locked in the day, while conducting his investigation, his instict had brought him into a cave, wherein he met, an escape psychiatrist of the intitution. She had dropped the bomb to Teddy, that Shutter island is no ordinary island. it is the place where experiments where done, and that even him is victim of the said work. she said that bit by bit, they are drugging him and making him insane. she also tipped him that they conduct the experiments to the old lighthouse. after the conversation, he was immeadiately found by one of the security officers and was brought back to the facility. Eagerness and curiosity bothered him, that is why he had taken the next step, in which he went to the old lighthouse. upon arriving, he saw dr. cawley, that is when the reality, was revealed. Andrew laeddis is a psychiatric patient named “Edward Daniels”. His wife...
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